Why You Should Take a Birthing Class

Whether you planned it carefully or it came as a surprise – congratulations you’re pregnant! The truth is you’re about to embark on the most joyful, exciting, and surprising experience ever. Even if you already have a child, the labor and birth process can be overwhelming. It’s important for you and your support person to fully understand what your body will go through and the variations of childbirth so you can be as prepared and informed as possible.

Childbirth classes can help you prepare for your babyFind a Class Near You.

A comprehensive childbirth class will cover it all: the labor and birth process, pain management techniques including hands on comfort measures for laboring, common interventions and medications offered, breastfeeding your new baby, postpartum care for the baby and family and more. The classes also offer a way to connect with other parents-to-be and share your common questions, concerns, and experiences in a casual and conversational environment. You may even create some lasting friendships from your childbirth class beyond the birth of your children.

Like anything in life, preparation can reduce fear and anxiety. Childbirth is no different. When the time comes, having greater confidence in yourself and your support person can make all the difference in creating a positive birth experience.

Led by a Munson Healthcare Registered Nurse with experience in childbirth, you can expect to learn and understand the following, in addition to the good, the bad, and the messy of childbirth.

● Healthy developments in your pregnancy
● The norms and variations of labor and delivery and what to expect
● Emotional and physical challenges
● How to plan for your birth
● Scheduling your hospital visit
● Packing your hospital bag
● How to tell when you are in labor
● Coping skills
● Breathing and relaxation techniques
● Pain relief options
● The importance and role of your support person and/or labor partner