About Healthy Futures

Every child deserves a healthy future.
We want to help you give your child a healthy future – and we do that by connecting you to trustworthy information and local resources. Healthy Futures is a collaboration of Munson Healthcare, health departments in northern Michigan, and health care providers across the region. Together, we serve all parents who live in participating counties.

There are several ways that Healthy Futures can help you.

Healthy Futures Newsletters

Once you are registered with Healthy Futures, you will receive regular newsletters mailed to your home address that are personalized based on your expected due date or your child’s age. The newsletters include timely tips, reminders and other information that is timed to your pregnancy and your child’s development.

Healthy Futures Home Visits

Healthy Futures nurses can visit you at your home – at no cost to you. During a typical home visit, the registered nurse will weigh your newborn and answer any questions you may have about feeding, sleep, and other common concerns. This program is a reflection of our community’s commitment to children and is available to all families from all income levels and backgrounds.

Healthy Futures Online

You will find timely, local and relevant stories and videos on our website and information you’ll need, from finding doctors and classes to ideas for family fun.

Healthy Futures Social Media

Like Healthy Futures on Facebook as a way to receive regular information in your news feed and to connect with other families in northern Michigan.

Healthy Futures Text Updates

Sign up for regular text updates that are customized to your child’s due date or age.

For more information call (231) 935-5640 or toll free at 1-888-403-8468 or email us at contact@healthyfutures.com