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Preparing for Baby

Preparing Your Nursery

There are many milestones on your path to parenthood, from the positive sign on pregnancy test to your first ultrasound. But there is something about preparing a nursery that makes your pregnancy start to feel a little more “real.” As you begin your planning to create a perfect space for your baby, remember to take […]

The Eats and Don’t Eats of Pregnancy

Can I have feta on my pizza? What about cookie dough ice cream? Some tips and guidelines to help you make informed decisions about food.

Why You Should Take a Birthing Class

Even if you already have a child, the labor and birth process can be overwhelming. It’s important for you and your support person to fully understand what your body will go through and the variations of childbirth so you can be as prepared and informed as possible.

Pregnancy and Substance Use

Your pregnancy is a time of change so it’s a perfect time to make some positive life changes that can help give your baby a good start. During your pregnancy, everything you eat, drink and take into your body not only affects you but also your growing baby. The better you care for yourself, the […]