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Sleep 101

Soothing a Crying Baby

It is normal for babies to have periods of fussiness, when they are difficult to put to sleep or feed. But even though you may know it is normal, that doesn’t make it easy! Here are some suggestions to help you through those difficult times. Remember that your Healthy Futures Nurse may be able to […]

Is it Colic? Or Something Else?

All babies fuss and cry during the first several weeks. Some a little and some a lot. Crying can cause parents to feel helpless, frustrated, and exhausted. Here are a few guidelines to help you through this time and know when to call for help.

Sleep Tips for the Older Infant or Toddler

Bedtime can become a real challenge as your baby becomes a toddler. A sleep routine can make life easier for your whole family.

Safe Sleep for Newborns

The (sometimes annoying) things you need to do to keep your baby safe while sleeping