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Spring Family Fun

As soon as you hear the birds chirp and see the buds form on the branches of the trees, outside is where you want to be! But, spring in northwest Michigan can also bring more cold and wetness so it is good to consider some indoor activities too.

Summer Safety for Little Ones

Northern Michigan offers many options for summer fun. From a day at the beach to biking area trails, families have countless activities to choose from. Make all the memories you can during your northern Michigan summer but keep it safe by following these helpful reminders. 

Play Groups

Community resources like playgroups can offer your child social experiences focused on mental and physical interaction and movement that will help develop essential skills. 

Dining Out with Baby

Now that you’re a parent, you can still enjoy a meal out with your children. The key, just like all parenting hacks, is being prepared.

Fall Family Fun in Northern Michigan

Autumn in northwest Michigan is a time to recognize our region’s harvest and take in the vibrant and changing colors across our wooded landscape. Below are a few local activities that not only include kid-friendly must haves like restrooms, parking, covered areas, and more, but also celebrate the bounty of the season. Farm Fun Northwest […]

Summer Family Fun in Northern Michigan

In northern Michigan it sometimes feels like we wait all year long for summer! And when it comes to outdoor activities, our region has so much to offer. Here are just a few ideas for great kid-friendly activities this summer.

Winter Family Fun in Northern Michigan

Even though it may be cold, there is still fun waiting for your family outside! Below are a few suggestions to enjoy the wonderment of winter, indoors and outdoors, and some tips to protect yourself when enjoying the winter elements.

Screen Time

How much screen time is ok? How do you monitor? What are some alternatives? New developments in phones, tablets, apps seem to happen constantly and can have both positive and negative effects. Perhaps you’re even finding yourself getting consumed by screen mania. It’s hard to know when to introduce and draw the line when it […]

Six Ways to be a Dad to your Toddler

Dads and partners play an extremely important role during this exciting time of growth and discovery.

Finding a Babysitter

A trusted babysitter is a valuable resource, and will give you peace of mind when you're away from your child. But how do you find the right person?