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NICU 101

NICU 101. Here are 10 pieces of advice and information that you’ll find helpful if your baby needs to spend time in the NICU.

Play Groups

Community resources like playgroups can offer your child social experiences focused on mental and physical interaction and movement that will help develop essential skills. 

Social-Emotional Development and Mental Health

Your child is growing physically - but also emotionally and socially. Healthy emotional and social development will form the building blocks for positive relationships and wellbeing later in life. During early childhood, many toddlers have tantrums, conflicts and anxiety or go through phases. Sometimes, however, children and their parents may benefit from additional professional mental health support.

Screen Time

How much screen time is ok? How do you monitor? What are some alternatives? New developments in phones, tablets, apps seem to happen constantly and can have both positive and negative effects. Perhaps you’re even finding yourself getting consumed by screen mania. It’s hard to know when to introduce and draw the line when it […]

Finding the Services You Need

Every parent needs some help sometime. Whether you need medical advice or financial assistance, Healthy Futures is your gateway to finding the help and support you need.

Michigan State Screenings and Your Baby

Early detection is key when it comes to the fragile life of a newborn and a little work up front can save years of hardship down the road. That’s why Michigan law requires that your baby be screened for several conditions before leaving the hospital.

How to Handle Tantrums

They're bound to happen: tantrums.  Little ones will have meltdowns at the least convenient times. Why do they happen and what to do?

Importance of Tummy Time

Babies are constantly learning. After all, they are new to this world and there’s a lot to take in! The first skills they learn will become building blocks for even more future learning. One of the most important activities to foster learning is tummy time. This cute sounding phrase carries a lot of weight in […]